I'm Marissa and I'm a college student at UCSB.
I'm just trying to find my place in the world and my piece of happiness.
I love BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, David Bowie and other rock artists, coffee, cats, and many other things that you can see on my blog.
Bye and maybe I'll see you later!

me at school: omg when i get home i've got to do loads of shit like finish that project and read that book omg i need to review for that test too omg so much to do
me at home:
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ransom and i got married several months ago in an intimate ceremony, but recently had a larger reception for more family and friends, and it was a blast! as we’re both writers, it seemed fitting to have the event at one of our favorite bookstores: the last bookstore in downtown LA. we’ve had a lot of requests for photos, so i thought i’d drop a few here. hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

:::for the especially curious:::

my bouquet: was made from the pages of ransom’s novel (miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children).

our photographers: brandon + katrina of brandon wong photography.

venue: the last bookstore in downtown los angeles.

catering: the extremely fabulous heirloomla.

flowers: from floral art!

rentals: furniture from found rentals, dishes from dishwish!

the band: one of our favorite local indie bands, the gallery.

hugs and books!



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Apparently I can’t tell the difference between stuffed toy and stuffed animal in some of these… 

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Trust me tumblr, we don’t need reminders about this


Trust me tumblr, we don’t need reminders about this

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snap snap snap snap 
snap snap snap snap

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